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Simple and Handy Trading Journal

A simple and fully functional journal for keeping track of your stock trading with the ability to comment and attach screenshots. Each trading session is important for analysis, so it is vital to be able to describe it in as much detail as possible!

Major Features


Journaling and book-keeping all your trades and executions.

Trades import

Import executions right from your broker's platform.

Option spreads

Auto-recognition of option spreads.

Daily stats

A handy daily statistics including multi-day trades.

Fee accounting

Accouting of all commissions and trading fees.

Open positions

Monitoring of your open positions including options and futures.

Daily register

An editable daily register of your executions and trades.

P/L Charts

Distribution and accumulated profit and loss charts.


Dashboard with open positions

Dashboard with open positions and calendar reports.

Journal report

Journal report - all your daily trades with comments.

Option spreads auto-recognition

Auto-recognition of option spreads - track your spreads P/L.

Import trades

Import executions from your trading platform.

Trade register

A complete trade register with executions.

Calendar report

Calendar report - the most popular report ever.

Detailed statistics

Statistics - trading evaluation in details.

Top-10 report

Top-10 report - your top trades.

Wins vs Losses report

Wins vs Losses report - compare your winning and loosing days.

Adding tags to trades

Tag your trades and use them to get reports.

Modify trade

Add, modify and delete trades have never been so easy.

Tags management

Tags management - help you to use tags as quickly as possible.

Tags management

Tags statistics - separate your trade by tactics.