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Journaling trades

Journal your trades

Whether you are a day trader or an investor - trade journaling forms a picture of your trading and makes it possible to analyze and adjust strategies in the market.

Portfolio tracking

Track your portfolio

Seeing all the components of your portfolio, whether it be stocks, options, or futures, allows you to evaluate risks and not miss the right moment for an adjustment.

Trading statistic

Trading statistics

Studying the detailed statistics of your trading - allows you to look at your market actions from the outside and correctly evaluate the result.

Trades import

Trades import

Import your trades from any broker platform using our step-by-step guided importer. We will be glad to integrate your broker's platform as well.

Journal Trades

Journal your trades whether they are stocks, options, or futures. We support importing executions from your trading platform. You can use our smart importing tool even if your broker is not supported. Your trades will be backed up securely in a cloud server with your so important comments and tags.

Forget about spreadsheets to journal your trades which takes time and superficial statistics. You can access your trading journal from anywhere all over the globe.

  • Stocks, Options and Futures
  • Fast trades import in seconds
  • Have it backed up
  • Handy commenting features

Analyze Trading

We have easy tagging features which gives you ability to identify your trading patterns and strategies. You can focus on your most successful trading strategies. The advanced trading reports will provide you with detailed trading results and can show you the way to improve them. You can separate your statistics for day trades and for swing trades.

  • Tag system to identify your patterns
  • Advanced trading reports
  • Day and swing trades statistics

Options and Futures Support

If you trade complicated options spreads, they will be automatically detected in your journal. You shouldn’t spend time to separate or highlight them. Save your time!

Futures contracts are based on tick size and value. You will see your profit and loss for futures trades including broker commissions and fees. Speculating in commodity futures is a complex venture, which requires a high level of statistical data that MyTradeRecords can help you with!

  • Auto-recognition of option spreads
  • Support for micro- and mini- futures
  • Precise calculations based on tick size

Commissions Visualizing

Trades are recorded with broker commissions and fees. Therefore a Net Profit and Loss can be visualized in the reports. Commissions can be very significant especially when you frequently trade futures and options.

  • Statistics for net profit/loss values
  • Visualizing broker commissions and fees

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